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Hard things in life result in pain, and suffering, argument, strife, problems, difficulties. When two planets are in a square, they are said to be at war. Squares are actually part of the grand cross which includes the degrees opposition and the midpoints between the squares are 45 degree octagon or semi square.

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When acting on impulse, and when acting according to animal nature as humans are biological one planet must fight against another and defeat it or be defeated. This may be physical or psychological. The Mars in a square allowed to act according to animal nature will always kill, and always be violent, and always rape. Mars or Saturn in Lions and snakes are the same two planets in humans. What makes us different from animals? Humans are able to take a square and decide not to act on animal impulse. Plain and simple, the square makes up with four other squares the grand cross.

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The Cross is a symbol of human sacrifice. It is as simple as a choice between the Beast act on animal nature and the lamb sacrifice , the essential meaning in the book of Revelation. So when confronted with a cross, square, opposition there is always a choice, you can fight, or you can sacrifice. Why sacrifice? While those who acted according to animal beastial nature, their effects were detrimental to themselves and to others, why?

How to sacrifice properly? As stated above, anyone can observe his or her personal squares and life difficulties. Remember, the Lamb sacrifice , will always be victorious over the beast no sacrifice. The Book of Revelation may be seen in these terms. Praying for yourself or your family is not sacrifice.

Praying to God as worship, as subjugation of the animal nature to spirit, this is sacrifice. Fasting, prayer, giving change to the poor, meditating, taking unfair criticism, and not reacting to injustice: these are all little ways to sacrifice. Following the ten commandments or the eightfold path, or any form of abstinance , is another path to sacrifice. Reading the bible, will obviously further explain how it all works.

ANSWER: There is an excellent website where you can have your chart calculated, and get a good basic interpretation, and the site is free: www. Here, you can click on any part of your chart Sun, Moon, planet, etc. What do I do now? What additional websites can you recommend?

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You may want to keep a journal so you can look up the astrological factors operating at the time of key events in your life. Gathering birth information from your friends and family members is another great way to put your astrological studies into practice. The more charts you explore, the more sophisticated your astrological understanding will become.

A good starting point would be: www. Or when any of the planets are occulted? Here is a site where you can look up the symbols for each of your planets: www. Then check out Kepler College: www. Any recommendations? It will have you laughing while you are learning. You can download this at www. It does not have an atlas, however, so you will have to look up longitude and latitude somewhere else: www. Not only does it calculate your chart with the traditional planets, but you can find out where a whole slew of other bodies in the solar system were as well.

Check out: www. Are there any? Check out the free trial version! It is called Astrodamus: www.

Normally, the published editions cover intervals of 10 years, 20, 50 years, or years, although there are exceptions. Most ephemerides have the positions of the Sun and planets calculated for either Noon or Midnight Universal Time which is basically the same as GMT , so you would need to adjust the positions for your local time if you are born anywhere else in the world than near the Greenwich Meridian which is longitude zero.

So a Noon ephemeris would show the positions at 7 am Philadelphia, while a midnight ephemeris would show them at 7 pm Philadelphia. You can read a bit about most of these at The Astrology Center of America. You may be able to purchase some of these as Used editions from websites such as Alibris or Half. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these pages, but that makes them very printer friendly. Each year is a separate webpage so you do not need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them, but they are not as printer-friendly.

He was born under the sign You can't tell how well two people will get along by comparing their Sun Signs. I have seen Sun Signs that are not supposed to get along have happy marriages because the rest of the charts fit so well. And I have seen Sun Signs that are supposedly ideal have terrible relationships, because the charts clash so much.

If you are truly serious about the relationship, you should have your complete chart compared with the other person's complete chart. ANSWER: An aspect is an angular distance between two planets, or other astrological points, that links the two planets together in a special relationship.

The angular relationship can be exact, or within a few degrees from exact. If the aspect is not exact, the difference between the exact angle between the two planets, and the following angles, is called 'orb. The orbs listed next to each aspect are a suggestion for planets in a natal chart, not mandatory. The Sun and Moon always have larger orbs in aspects.

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There are many different aspects, but the ones that are most often considered are termed 'Major Aspects'. These show the most pronounced, most easily discernible influences. The two bodies often behave as one, and it is difficult to see the influence of one without the other. Here is a site that gives simple descriptions of SemiSquare aspects between different planetary pairs: www.

Morrison said that this gives an ability to work magic in some way, literally or figuratively. Here is a site that gives simple descriptions of Quintile aspects between different planetary pairs: www. The influence is much like a conjunction. If you have any of the above aspects, and they are also in parallel, the aspects are stronger. The influence is much like an opposition, although some astrologers view it more like a conjunction.

ANSWER:While the Major Aspects, listed in the previous question, are the most noticeable, the minor aspects still add color to the picture, flesh out the story. So use them if you want to delve deeper into a chart, or want to add some background information. Use them if you have the time to explore many different levels about your subject. And if you do use them, study the Major Aspects first, and then move on to the others.

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Otherwise, you will risk muddying up the story and be unable to truly see the whole because of so many parts. Descriptions will be added. There is insight here into ways to go beyond into other worlds. I have found that the more Undecim multiples one has in a chart, the more social consciousness a person seems to have. The Undecim [and its multiples] also seem to bring the aspected planet quite well into a group situation, to work with the group to help resolve difficulties. Some unique abilities to offer support and help to other people, often mental ingenuity, often with some unique technical insights and abilities to contribute.

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The person has some special gifts, but these may be wasted or unappreciated. The person usually needs to do some self-improvement work to capitalize on energy of this aspect. This is also called a Novile. This aspect shows areas the person needs to recognize they are held in bondage in some way, and release them.

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And when you do, it opens the door to the next octave, the next level in some way. Some say it is an aspect of gestation and birth, or birth coming out of captivity. I have also seen it connected with the concept of Dharma. Here is a site that gives simple descriptions of Nonagen aspects between different pairs of planets: john-sandbach. In a chart, it can show an area where one does not behave in a rational manner, or has irrational urges, obsessive or compulsive urges.

Yet there is a great potential to sense the mysterious, the hidden , what others may miss, and can indicate extraordinary creative efforts based upon a deeper understanding. There is often a feeling of destiny with this aspect, and it is prominent in many who have influenced the course of history. Suggested orb of only 1 degree, or two if involving the Sun or Moon.