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Vimshottari Dasha is the most popular system in Vedic Astrology for predicting based on time periods. There are numerous other dasha systems defined in Astrology. However, most of the astrologers are using this method over the years. We determine the timing of result for particular activity by means of Vimshottari Dasha in Astrology. Check out your Vimshottari Dashas and their predictions now:. Maharishi Parashar is considered as "Father of Vimshottari Dasha".

He gave 42 Dasha systems, but this system is one of the best dasha system. Dasha means a period of time, which is ruled by a certain planet. This method is based on Moon Nakshatra. The prophecy of this method is considered accurate.

Vimshottari dasha Interpreting planetary times – psychologically astrology

It is also known as "Mahadasha". In South India, astrologers are also using Ashtavatra method instead of vichitri, but this Dasha is popular among astrologers in order to judge the result and timing of results. It is most widely used dasha in astrology. A specific time period is allocated to all 9 planets in this method. There is a full cycle of years for Mahadashas of all the nine planets. This cycle has been divided into 9 parts and every part is governed by certain planet in Astrology. According to this system, the average age of human is considered as years so that he may have gone through each Mahadasha in his whole lifespan.

In ancient times, the average age may have been so much, but it is decreasing year on year and hence it came down to years currently. Few years back, the average age was considered as years. You can see the graph of decreasing age of humans. It clearly indicates that the average age of a person goes down to 50 percent in present era. That is the reason, a person is unable to experience the effects of Mahadashas of all planets and ends up with his life.

If we divide Antardasha into 9 parts, it is known as Pratyantar Dasha. The order of sub division of Dasha system is as follows:. These periods are sub parts of Main Mahadasha. You can experience all planetary Antardashas in your lifetime. The life event can also be judged through these Dasha Systems. During your Mahadasha period, you will experience the effects of all planets antardasha one by one based on its astrological order. The logic for further division of Mahadasha is same as Main Mahadasha.

We have described below the order for your better understanding.

Sade Sati Calculator

A special method is introduced in Vedic Astrology to determine the period of Mahadasha. According to this rule, 3 nakshatras are allocated to each and every planet, hence the number of Nakshatras becomes 27, distributed among 9 planets. Mahadasha of planet is based on the placement of moon in certain Nakshatra. The Nakshatra Lord will decide the Mahadasha of certain planet at the time of birth. The duration of Dasha depends on the degree of Moon in certain Nakshatra.

If moon enters into certain nakshatra at the time of birth, you will get the full Mahadasha of ruling planet of that particular Nakshatra. Likewise, if Moon already passes over certain nakshatra, only few degrees of Moon still remain left in certain constellation, you will receive very short period of Mahadasha of ruling planet of that particular Nakshatra.

Cycle of Vimshottari Dasha

Jupiter 16 Years 8. Saturn 19 Years 9. Mercury 17 Years The order of vimshottari dasha has been described above. In Vimshottari Dasha, a rule has been described to know the results of planets Mahadasha. The auspicious and inauspicious effects of planets can be determined through the Lagna Sign. The planets are auspicious for one Lagna whereas the same planet is inauspicious for different Lagnas. Therefore, the result vary from Lagna to Lagna. We can understand now how different planets are beneficial for different Lagna.

We need to also check the strength of Lagna as well as benefic planet, the reason being, it will decide the full and partial results of particular planet.

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If it is afflicted then the full results during the Mahadasha of particular benefic planet won't be experienced. If it is placed well in horoscope, it will bless a person with all kinds of comforts especially during the Mahadasha. While analysing to a birth chart, a first thought, came into mind, is that the person's life would be influenced much by the Main Mahadasha Lord or a person would be experiencing the results of Antardasha Lord upto maximum extent.

Sani Dasha - Rahu Bhukti (Saturn - Rahu period)

Hence in this situation, it is assumed that which planet would have the maximum strength in Kundali , will be the most effective and influencing much during the Mahadasha of certain planet. The same pattern of bad luck and hardship and stress continuing. Can you suggest what is wrong with my horoscope. My DOB is Place — Theni TN. Sani mahadasa started from mid I have resigned high paid job and went on for business.

Failed miserably from 1st month. Trying for job again and last 2 years could not find anything working. Meantime lost all my savings, 2 lands, 1 flat to maintain loans with peace and completely in distress. How will be budha bukthi which is juststarted and how will be rest of dhasa. Completely in fear.

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  • Start a diary, write down what happened and how you feel, it is very important to write down how you feel because saturn in in cancer and moon is with rahu in 8th house. This diary will help you in future,. Hi my name is stephanie.

    The Effects of Saturn in the Houses

    My date of birth is may 21, and time of birth is pm and my country of birth is trinidad and tobago. My marriage is ending and i am in mental anguish because i have young Children. Can someone give me some guidance. During the next 2. Realizing to not waste your time on things you can do nothing about will be the ultimate lesson. Please advise if wearing neelam stone will be beneficial to me or not. Born in pollachi, Tamilnadu… According to my horoscope, i have sani dasha till Wearing blue sapphire gemstone in this period is good? Can this help me from sani bad effects?