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The Bon Jovi star is part of a Canadian consortium that has submitted paperwork expressing interest in buying the organisation, which was put up for sale following the death of longtime owner Ralph Wilson in March However, speculation spread that the group was planning to potentially relocate the franchise to nearby Toronto, Canada, which had many of the New York team's fans upset. In a letter published by the Buffalo News on Sunday 03Jul14 , Bon Jovi writes about his bid for the first time in a missive titled Why We're Bidding on the Buffalo Bills, insisting he and his partners are only interested in helping the team thrive in the U.

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He writes, "There has been a lot of conjecture, so we think it's important to clarify our intentions to the fans of the team and people of Buffalo. I know how much the Bills mean to the people of this region. Help Barnacle Bucky leave too. If they listened to the people over the years and stopped running all the good talent out the door they would be fine.

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They did it to themselves. I can't believe that they still list 16 pages of TV listings for the week. That's insanity in I brought back newspaper after a game and when done put it in bird cage. My parrot refused to go in. Some have taste and some have knee pads. I have not clicked on a Buffalo News story since Paygate established except via someone using being a paid shill I guess a redirection link rather than using actually link.

Jon Bon Jovi explains bid to buy the Buffalo Bills

Would be interesting to see. Can't speak for others, but won't even type his name in the very few threads that he's been discussed. Haven't read any articles of his in at least 10 years.

Though somewhere, still have a clipping of his classic '90 prediction that the Bills would stink because they would once again be the Bickering Bills. And let me guess A column dedicated to a particular Bridge setup? Classified ads that are nothing more than a bunch of legal notices? Buffett should have killed the print product or sold off its assets to one of the local TV stations years ago.

Somewhat related, my parents back in NYS just dropped their subscription to the Poughkeepsie Journal.

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My dad apparently won't miss it I thankfully do not live where the Buffalo News in the main source of information. When I visit family-which is basically a few weeks every year- I find it pathetic.

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Sullivan basically reruns the same columns each year with new names but same bashing. The rest of news is always with the same slant and never only facts. Most of Buffalo is intelligent and has decided that they want a different choice which is now readily available.

laysembduaban.tk When I lived in Buffalo, my paper of choice was the Courier Express, the writes were better along with the sports coverage in my opinion. Phil Randall I think was a great spots writer. Recommended Posts. Posted May 16,